About us

Founder and company owner

Dr. Radwan Matrmawi is the founder and owner of the company. The graduate chemist has defended his PhD at the University of Freiberg in the field of organic chemistry and synthesis.

About the company

The graduate Chem.Dr.rer.nat. Radwan Matrmawi has founded the Laboratory for Enviromental Analysis as sole proprietorship in 1991. 1995 from this arose the L.U.A. GmbH. In 2005 the company was renamed to L.U.A. GmbH & Co. KG. General partner is the THERMO KET GmbH, whose managing partner is Dr. Matrmawi.


The everyday business of the company is the analysis of soil samples, asphalt, wood, waste, rubble, water and waste water for public and private clients.

Another focus is the research and development of processes to recycle for example organic waste to gas, oil, activated coke and fertilizer.

How to reach us

L.U.A. GmbH & Co. KG
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 102
D-03046 Cottbus

Fon: 03 55 / 47 40 25
Fax: 03 55 / 47 40 72

Email: lab-mat@t-online.de